Passive Optical Network Module, 1xN

PONM Series

Fiber To The User (FTTU) Passive Optical Network (PON) technology provides cost-effective and virtually unlimited bandwidth access system that is capable to support video, voice and data services with up to 1Gb/s. Other enhanced services through Ethernet/IP, ATM and/or TDM can also be easily upgraded into the PON. Oplink PON Modules include various versions of WDMs and Splitters based on multiple technology platforms (thin-film filter, fused splitter, and planar splitter) to provide superior performance with the lowest level of insertion loss and the best channel-channel uniformity. High reliability to withstand severe outside plant environment conditions is achieved through robust package design and systematic tests.

Oplink provides custom design for various PON Modules based on specific requirement on optical performance and packaging in LGX Box, Cassettes, Shelves, or Enclosures.
Please contact Oplink Sales Representatives with your requirements.

  • Operating in standard 1310, 1550 nm window and CWDM channels
  • Low excess loss and insertion loss
  • Low polarization dependence and dispersion
  • High optical power handling
  • Bi-directional
  • Operate in outside plant
  • Priced for fiber to user applications
  • Passive Optical Networks (PON)
  • CATV networks
  • FTTU (Fiber To The Home, Business, Curb)
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