Optical Amplifiers

Oplink provides broad optical amplification solutions for different applications, from telecom, datacom to CATV

Oplink has strong technology and experience to design and manufacture EDFA, EYDFA, Raman and Raman-EDFA hybrid

Oplink provides amplifier in different form factors, from gain block, full controlled module to circuit pack and standalone subsystem

Vertical integration from component level gives Oplink optical amplifier the best cost performance, the most compact size and the fastest time to market.

C/L-band EDFA modules

  • For Telecom or Datacom Applications, covering different reaches
  • Single channel, narrow band or DWDM in full C-band/L-band
  • Auto Power Control (APC) and Auto Gain Control (AGC) with fast transient control
  • Fixed Gain, Variable Gain or Switchable Gain
  • Optional for Middle Stage Access
  • Optional for dual package (PA plus BA or Bidirectional ILA)
  • Optional for OSC or OCM integration

C-band EDFA pluggable

  • For Telecom or Datacom Applications, point to point
  • PreAmp or PostAmp
  • Adaptable to XFP, QSFP+ or CFP2 MSA on package, power consumption and pin assignments
  • Hot pluggable
  • Single channel, narrow band or DWDM in C-band (CFP2 only)
  • Auto Power Control (APC) and Auto Gain Control (AGC)

C/L-band Raman and Raman-EDFA hybrid

  • For Telecom or Inter-Datacom Applications
  • Raman amplifier can help to extend the reach of long distance transport with low noise.
  • Raman EDFA hybrid is optimized to use backward Raman to improve noise figure and forward EDFA to efficiently get high gain, the hybrid can reach the best cost performance for low noise long distance application
  • Raman Pump Module (RPM) or self-controlled Raman or self-controlled Raman-EDFA Hybrid
  • Auto pump power control or Auto Raman gain control
  • Low PDG and Gain Ripple

High Power EYDFA

  • For CATV application
  • High output power up to 33dBm
  • Auto pump Current Control (ACC) or Auto Power Control (APC) mode
  • EDFA module or 1RU 19'' pizza box
  • Optional power splitters and triple play WDMs
  • Optional RJ45 interface and SNMP firmware
  • Optional LED alarm (pizza box only)
  • AC or DC power supply, optional for redundant


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