Oplink provides the most cost effective OEM/ODM ROADM solution that is tailor made for each customer application.

The solution could be in form of super module, circuit pack or pizza box.

Oplink offers in-house solution of most key functional blocks of ROADM, but also open to integrate third party solution per customer's interest

Oplink can provide dense integration of following functional blocks

  • Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS)

  • Variable Gain EDFA/SwitchableGain EDFA/Raman Hybrid for PreAmp

  • Fixed Gain EDFA /Variable Gain EDFA for Booster 

  • Multiple port flexible grid Optical Channel Monitor(OCM)

  • Optical Supervising Channel (OSC)

  • AWG/Interlever Multiplex/Demultiplex

  • Fiber Shuffle

  • Telecom Longhaul/Metro Core
  • Telecom Metro Access/Access/Enterprise
  • Data Center Interconnect (DCI)
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