The PXC4192 optical switch supports 24x24 to 192x192 (In x Out) ports in a 4U chassis. Asymmetric configurations (e.g. 96x192 or 192x96) are also supported.

In addition to the desired port count, the PXC4192 chassis supports the following options:
• Redundant AC, Single AC or Dual DC power
• Front or Back patch panel
• Bracket or Slide Rail mounting
• Duplex or Grouped labeling for patch panel
• Input optical power monitoring (output power monitoring is standard)
• Input or Switched Splitters
• Switched or Dedicated Variable Optical Attenuation

Figure 3:  Drawing of PXC4192 with 192x192 LC/UPC.  Redundant AC, Rear Patch Panel, Paired (A/B) Labeling, Mounting Brackets
Figure 3

Figure 4: Drawing of PXC4192, 192x192, MTP12 & LC/UPC, Front Patch Panel, Grouped Labeling, Redundant AC, Slide Mounting
Figure 4
  • Monitoring/Testing/Commissioning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Test automation/Resource sharing
  • RF over fiber
  • Protection/Recovery  
  • Wireless back haul
  • Load balancing/traffic optimization
  • Data Center Interconnect
  • Data Migration 
  • COLO Meet-Me Room (MMR)
  • Reconfigurable Add/Drop
  • Video broadcast/distribution
  • C-RAN 
  • Automated provisioning (Layer 0)
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