Outside Plant Distribution Enclosure

Oplink offers great infrastructure solutions performance designed from the ground up to meet the unique requirements of FTTX networks. Operational efficiency and scalability, simplify FTTX network installation, maintenance and management from the central office / headend to the outside plant. Oplink’s enclosure solution provides the most flexible, space efficient solution to support any installation environment and all network design options.
The enclosure can be mounted to support aerial, buried, underground applications applications. It offers a robust, user-friendly and cost-effective solution for connecting feeder and distribution cables via optical splitters in FTTP networks and is distinctive for such applications as rural and brownfield deployments.
Now, three types are available, the splice capacity can support from 24C up to 288C. As a design of independent innovation, spinning sealing device could effectively reduce the chance that sealing performance might be affected due to human factors, and greatly improve the credibility of sealing performance.

  • Suitable for all network applications in butt configuration on cut and uncut FO cables
  • Supports stranded loose tube or ribbon fiber cables in either armored or dielectric configurations
  • Versatile mounting brackets support strand, pole, pedestal, wall and hand hole environments.
  • Fully sealed to protect fiber and splices ensuring longevity.
  • Fast and easy insertion of branching cables on demand without special tools
  • Supports Diverse Splitter Module Configurations. 1x32, 2x32, 1x16… etc
  • Telecommunications networks
  • Data processing network
  • Local Area Networks(LANS)
  • Wide Area Networks(WANS)
  • Cable television construction
  • FTTX construction
  • Central Office/Building
  • Watertight, Underground, Aerial splice installation
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