Plug Type Terminator

PTFT Series

Oplink designs single mode plug type terminators. It has high performance and is used to terminate open dark fiber ports. This component can prevent noise reflection into the system. Oplink terminators are available with PC or APC polish for FC and SC type. They operate at wavelength ranges of 1310nm and/or 1550nm. The precise mechanical design supports installation and reliable performance. Oplink can also provide customized products to help our customer for better opportunities. Our attenuator complies with industry green initiative such as ROHS.

  • PC/APC Polish
  • Low Return Loss
  • Plug type available with FC or SC connection
  • Easy install and maintenance
  • Termination possible without use of index matching gels
  • Termination of dark fiber ports
  • Bi-direction transmission system
  • Analog and CATV transmission system
  • High bit rate telecommunication system
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