Uni-Dir Tap PD Array, Single-Mode

UTMA Series

Oplink’s Unidirectional Integrated Tap Monitor Array (UTMA) is assembled using individual Unidirectional Integrated Tap Monitor (UTMS) to guarantee no optical or electrical cross-talk among different channels. UTMS is a hybrid component that integrates a flat spectral response of a thin-film tap with a high sensitivity PIN photodiode for power monitoring applications. The Unidirectional feature allows power monitoring from input port only. UTMA minimizes component assembly costs and module footprint while increasing module design efficiency by facilitating fiber management.

Each UTMS in the UTMA integrates the functionality of an optical coupler and a photodiode while delivering low insertion loss and low dark current with high temperature stability over a wide wavelength range. It is compact and easy to mount on a PCB board for module and network system use. Applications include DWDM channel power monitoring, optical network switching/protection monitoring, re-configurable optical add/drop multiplexers, and gain/attenuation monitoring in amplifier systems.

Oplink can provide customized designs to meet specialized feature applications. Also, Oplink offers modular assemblies that integrate other components to form a full function module or subsystem.

  • Flat and broad operating wavelength range
  • Low insertion loss and PDL
  • Low dark current 
  • Various tap ratios available
  • High temperature stability with hermetically sealed photodiode
  • Monitor optical signal from one direction only
  • EDFA and Raman amplifiers
  • Add/Drop and optical protection monitoring 
  • DWDM/CWDM systems
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