Optical switches are used for optical network add/drop, fault protection, and resource sharing. Oplink's switch product family provides opto-mechanical switches in all different configurations from 1x1 to Dual 2x2 for protection, Magneto-optic 1x2 and Microelectrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) 1xN for frequent switching applications, and MEMS based MxN Multicast Switch (MCS) for Colorless-Directionless-Contentionless (CDC) Add/Drop in next generation mesh network .

Optical circulators are used for building bi-directional optical networks, in dispersion compensation modules (DCM) and other various applications. Oplink provides 3 & 4 port polarization insensitive circulators and polarization maintaining circulators. The mini circulator is the smallest in class yet provides highest performance and reliability.

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